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skin horse paintings

In the Skin Horse [Fractured Perfection Paintings], Collins Physically spends months and years creating Two paintings on one canvas...


"First" is the perfectly imagined figurative horse beautifully layered, and depth filled... detailed to perfection..


Collins then takes a hammer and chisel to that initial "perfect" work.... and literally destroys everything......

The "Second" painting is created by re-assembling and repainting the figurative image anew... but beautifully flawed, like each of us.  

The title "Skin Horse" is an homage to the 1922 children's book by Margery Williams.

For Collins, children see the world's reality much better than adults.   They embrace the smallest detail, the movement of a leaf, the red of a ladybug, the wind's kiss upon your face -all as tangible magic.  Our greatest challenge as adults is to erase the layers of adult "learning" that has covered the beautiful truths of childhood.


Imperfection Becomes Beautiful


Our Scars are our Stories


The terrain of our lives is texture.

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