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ghost paintings

For Collins, a "Ghost" is really another manner of seeing the soul of an entity.

Strip away the exterior, the filters, the alterations, the digital manipulation, layers repeatedly removed until.  What.  We.   See.   Is.  Real.

Stepping back from the purely physical, and embracing the uncontained spirit of those that stand before us.

This group of paintings is based on photographs taken by Collins at night, where the subjects were lit only by Firelight

Firelight which constantly changes as the flames leap and breathe, and reflect movement like a natural strobe.

Creating a beautiful floating luminous essence.

Perhaps there are two types of DNA, yet science has only captured the physical.  Collins captures the alternate DNA.... reflections of emotions that are at our very core - love, laughter, pain, loss, and triumph in a beauty which our heart longs for.


Solomon (1).jpg

"Solomon" 84" x 120"

Imperfection Becomes Beautiful


"Acrobat"  48" x 72"

Scars are our Stories

Our Journey Reflected.

Postman 1.jpg

"Postman" 84" x 96"

The terrain of our lives is texture.

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