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tokyo souls

My work has always been about honoring history, about how the echoes of the past make make our lives possible, just as the echoes we make today change the world for those who follow.

These "echoes" find a mirror in Japan -- A land where honour of ancestors, tradition and respect are an integral part of everyday life. 

Japan is changing - the embrace of Anime, for example, has opened up an otherwise closed society and given wings to new dreams.

A land where I have worked often during my 37 years of painting.

It is the contrast of old and new - the poetic juggle that finds its heart in these works.  Tokyo is simply a reference point for what is possible during our life search for truth.  An imperfect journey that hopefully finds both compassion and wisdom along the way.


It is our differences, that render a multitude of of colours across the canvas, while our similarities sing from one collective societal soul.


Blunt Sword 84" x 96"


Challenge Accepted 84" x 96"


[Noble Sword] 84" x 60"


[Dishiru] 60" x 84"


[Thunder Punch] 84" x 96"


Dreams of a Samurai 84" x 60"

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