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There is no such Thing as a Weekend Warrior.

This section of my site is to share the truths of pain, of resilience, of overcoming today's media centric/moment of time/snapshot world we are sold images which imply a life which is not possible... a world of light without dark.  ART is not possible without both, nor is LIfe.


I hope the stories and inspirations heal and strengthen you, in mind and body and somehow remind you of your own strength, your own WArrior WIngs.  Always for good in this world.

"You give it your all.  Every Day.  You fail.  You get up again.  You get hurt and you fight to regain your strength.  You get told NO a thousand times... two thousand times... and you just keep pushing.....



I am often asked... "how did you succeed... what's the trick, what is the secret...?"...


The secret is that I simply got up more times after getting knocked down. Life is not easy, but it is beautiful.  And the more time you take to learn the story of those around you, the more you will realize we all get thrown under the bus... that person living the perfect life on the outside is going through terrible struggles on the inside... that person who has it all... they lost it all twice before.......We all have to reclaim the warrior inside us, to spread our wings like the Furious Angels we truly are ." 


-Ashley Collins interview by Art Collector, Japan.  


Strangers & Angels I have met.

Collectors changing 

the World.

Collins You're Fired.

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