Peter and Melanie Munk Collection              Kristy Walton Collection

Norman Perlmutter Collection                      Steve Wynn Collection

Graeme and Robyn Hart Collection              Wade Skinner Collection

John Kalbetzer Collection                             Robert Redford Collection

Tomas Milmo Santos Collection                    Scott & Jamie Honour Collection

Danny and Brenda Sullivan III Collection       Horchow Collection

Marta Kaufman/Michael Skloff Collection     Danny Sulivan III Collection

Debbie & Damon Fisher Collection                Johnson Collection

Noah & Tracy Wylie Collection                   Arliss Howard Collection

Mindy Schultheis Collection                         Thomas Coates Collection

Lori & Chuck Binder Collection                     Jan Brink Collection

Amy & Danny Jacobson Collection               John & Margaret Ptak Collection

Blythe Danner Collection                             Wendie Malick Collection

Kevin & Christin Reilly Collection                 George I Rosenthal Collection

Mooty Family Collection                             Schwab Collection

Bruce & Stacy Kirshbaum Collection             Robert Wagner Collection

Bill and Debra Gershen Collection                 Jill St. John Collection        

Dennis and Stacy Barsema Collection            Thomas Collection             

Tracy and Dave Provost Collection               Deborah Winger Collection        

Scott and Mer Hendrick Collection                Bill and Lisa Burton Collection  

Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Collection*            Jennifer & Gianluca Galtrucco

Harold and Lynn Barza                              Mike anCorliss                             Michelle and Michael Osterman                  Alice Walton Collection**

W. Howard and Mary Lester***                  Wayne and Beth Gibbens

Scott and Cynthia Prince                             McGowen Collection

Speilberg/Kapshaw Collection                      Bollinger Collection

Stan Kroenke Collection                               Evgeny Tugolukov Collection

Whitlock Dart Collection                             Bruce Smith Collection

Glenn [Doc] Rivers Collection                        Peter Baay Collection

Bass Family Collection                                 Signe Ostby/Scott D. Cook                              


*Founder, Rubin Center for Visual Arts

**Founder, Chrystal Bridges Museum of America.

***Founding Wing Donor, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art







Singapore Art Museum, Republic of Singapore

Peoples Museum at the Cultural Palace, Beijing, China

Laguna Art Museum, United States

Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi Vietnam

Eiteljorg Museum Biennial Exhibition, United States

Metropolitan Museum of Manilla, Manilla, Philippines

Newport Harbor Art Museum, United States

Institute of Painting, Shanghai, China

Riverside Museum, United States

Laguna Art Museum, United States

Virginia MOCA [Museum of Contemporary Art], United States

U.S. Embassy, Brunei, courtesy of Ambassador William E. Todd

U.S. Embassy, Ethiopia, courtesy of Ambassador Donald Yamamoto

U.S. Embassy, Saudi Arabia, courtesy of Ambassador James B. Smith

Trinchero Winery, Napa, California

Barrick Gold, Toronto, Canada

20th Century Fox, Los Angeles, California

Chang Collection, Victoria, Australia

Creative Artist Agency, Beverly Hills, California

Galtrucco Collection, Milan, Italy

Miller/Wichengrad/Peacock, Beverly Hills, California

Harris Estates Winery, Napa, California

Kahlbetzer Collection, Australia and Argentina

Rosenthal Collection, Malibu, California

Green Collection, New York, New York

Guess?, San Francisco, California                     

Brillstein-Grey Entertainment,  Los Angeles, California          

Raleigh Enterprises, Los Angeles, California

Warner Brothers Films, Los Angeles, California                      

Horchow Collection, New York, New York

Gott Estate Winery, Napa, California

Harris Estate Vineyards, Napa, California

Corliss Estate Winery, Walla Walla, Washington